2020 Design Live TOP GUN

Take your renderings to a whole new level! 

This course will help you take your 2020 design and, using SketchUp Pro and D5 Render, allow you to create photorealistic renderings! If you have mastered rendering in 2020 and have taken it as far as it can go, this online, live training by Jacky Kreijkamp from Design PUGs is for you!

  • Using 2020 Design, SketchUp Pro, and D5 Render
    • Creating basic design in 2020
    • Export design to SketchUp
    • Cleaning up design in SketchUp
    • Decorating the scene in SketchUp
    • Adding Lights in SketchUp
    • Exporting Design to D5
    • Adding textures in D5
    • Setting up lighting
    • Rendering in D5
    • Making a Video in D5

Presented in 4 sessions via Zoom


Courses are on a rotating schedule and occur monthly

Minimum of three students must be

enrolled in order to schedule the first session

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 2020 Design Live TOP GUN
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