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This is Design PUGs Pro, a private community where we discuss everything related to 2020 Design and kitchen design.  You don't even need to be on 2020's annual support, or have "Live," or even V12 (and now V13!). This is for all users of 2020. If you can run it, we will support you!

Discussion groups are clearly marked and posts are easy to find. Search the discussion groups to find answers to your questions.

Design PUGs Pro is an easy-to-navigate community away from all the distractions of Facebook

Our Design PUGs Pro is a true community. is widely recognized as a world-class community site, with a simple interface, and even an iOS app (Android coming soon) to keep you connected on the go! Facebook groups can be difficult to follow, and it's easy to miss posts with all the distractions and advertising. All that said, the Facebook group won't be going anywhere, so if a paid membership isn't for you, it will always be available! The Basic level of membership gives access to topic-specific discussion groups on many different topics, both in 2020 Design and general kitchen design. Come hang out with your fellow designers!

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Design PUGs Pro Community

Link to the Design PUGs Community, where you will be able to chat with Colin, Jacky, Karen, and other members about all things 2020 and kitchen design.

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